Member Survey: Denver’s Group Living Rule Changes

As we’ve previously reported, Denver Community Planning and Development (CPD) has proposed Text Amendment No 7, which would drastically change the current rules for group living in the City and County of Denver. If you are NOT aware of the changes being proposed by Denver’s CPD, please click here for more information.

Although recognizing the need for city-wide affordable housing, BRUN is concerned with several passages in the proposal that may have negative impacts on our community. On August 9, 2020, the BRUN Board of Directors voted to take an opposition stance to the GL proposal as it was being presented to Denver’s Planning Board before it was approved to move forward without substantial revision.  

BRUN intends to issue a follow up statement of opinion prior to City Council’s final deliberations on this topic, which are scheduled to begin in January 2021. In order to ensure we are accurately representing the opinions of our constituents, we have developed this SURVEY to inform and solicit your opinion on this issue:

The survey will remain open until early January 2021. Although it was developed primarily for BRUN membership, we encourage you to share it with anyone you know that is living within Council District 1. 

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