Temporary Safe Outdoor Space at Regis University

Regis University will be launching a temporary Safe Outdoor Space (SOS) for the homeless on June 1st.  It is expected to run through December 31, 2021, with monthly options for renewal.  The Regis SOS will be located in a 19,000 sq. ft. portion of the Lot 6 parking lot, west of the McDonalds that is located at 51st Ave & Federal Blvd.

The SOS will be staffed and managed 24/7 and will include 56 individualized shelters with capacity to serve 60 people, including singles, couples, pets, people with disabilities and more. The SOS will be resource- and service-rich, including bathrooms, trash, laundry, showers, meals, daily wellness screenings, COVID testing/vaccine access, mental health services, physical health services, employment navigation, benefit navigation, and housing navigation services.

There are several opportunities for the neighborhood to engage and learn more about the SOS. For more information, visit https://www.coloradovillagecollaborative.org/safe-outdoor-space-regis.

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