Active Centers and Corridors Planning and Design Guidelines

The Berkeley-Regis neighborhood is rich in history, it is walkable, and possesses an amazing mixture of people and businesses – all good reasons why Berkeley-Regis is one of the most vibrant and thriving neighborhoods in Denver.

Since the inception of the revised Denver Zoning Code in 2010, a wave of development has come to the Berkeley-Regis neighborhood. Like many neighborhoods in Denver, Berkeley-Regis has been challenged to integrate that development into the existing neighborhood fabric. The result of those challenges has not always been successful.

BRUN, through its Zoning and Planning Committee, has studied the development trends. The result of that study is this planning and design guidelines handbook. It is an aspirational synopsis of how future development could take shape in the Berkeley-Regis neighborhood and associated commercial districts. BRUN hopes this handbook is informative and inspirational.

The BRUN Active Centers and Corridors Planning and Design Guidelines is intended to be used by owners of properties with the new Design Overlay 8 (DO-8) designation per Denver Zoning, Article 9, Section Active Center and Corridors Design District.

BRUN Endorsement of Colorado Youth Sustainability Board Climate Resolution to DPS

BRUN is joining the Denver Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) in declaring our support for Denver Public Schools to mitigate the increasing effects of climate change, allowing our schools and neighborhoods to flourish and creating a healthy city and planet for all future generations. To read INC’s full endorsement, click here.