What are BRUN’s boundaries?

BRUN is Denver’s largest registered neighborhood organization, covering the area from 38th Ave. to 52nd Ave. between Sheridan and Federal.

What is BRUN’s Mission?

To advocate for the community’s best interests by working with city council and other neighborhood coalitions to create awareness/voice concerns about proposed changes in the neighborhood such as zoning, liquor licenses and pedestrian safety among many others.  

To strengthen community ties by providing opportunities to organize and gather socially as neighbors to help preserve the authenticity, uniqueness and friendliness of the Berkeley/Regis area.

What is a Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO)?

In simple terms, a Registered Neighborhood Organization is a group of volunteer neighbors. However, an RNO is also recognized by the city and receives important information regarding proposed planning and development changes affecting our living environment.  BRUN plays a key role in how such proposals move forward, providing a recognized vehicle through which citizens can be heard.  Additionally, BRUN also organizes events for neighbors to get more acquainted. BRUN is the largest RNO in the City of Denver.

For more information on Denver’s RNOs, click here.

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