BRUN – Zoning and Planning

Berkeley Regis United Neighbors (BRUN) regularly receives official notices for proposed zoning changes from the City of Denver. It is the Zoning and Planning (ZAP) Committee’s responsibility to analyze a proposed change and advise the BRUN board of directors.

Proposed Rezonings:

Rezoning is a public process, culminating in a decision by the Denver City Council, that changes the rules for land use and types of buildings permitted on a given property by changing its zone designation. Zoning changes can happen to individual properties, neighborhoods, districts, or even the entire city. For more information on proposed changes to zoning in your area, go to this city website.

Rezoning to allow an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Throughout Denver, the Zoning Code has been changed so applications for a zoning change can be made that allows the construction of an ADU. ZAP has begun receiving notices of potential map amendments for the purpose of constructing an ADU. On occasion, we will be approached by the rezoning applicant seeking written support for an application. To inform the opinion of members of the BRUN board, we have initiated an outreach program to notify adjacent property owners of the proposed change and to solicit important feedback. The boundary of outreach is set to coincide with Denver’s Community Planning and Development (CPD) notification guidelines of 200 feet radius from the edge of the property that has applied for the change in zoning.  For more on this BRUN Rezone Outreach effort, contact If you have questions about Accessory Dwelling Units, you can contact the Denver Planning Department by calling 311.

Proposed Zoning Changes

Rezoning applications for the properties listed are currently being reviewed by the BRUN ZAP committee. They should not be construed as the only zoning modifications being considered by the City and County of Denver. See their website for more information.

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Learn more about ADU’s

ADU Fact Sheet

City of Denver Information

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